Phuoc Dong-Tay Ninh  Industrial Park (Phuoc Dong-Boi Loi Industrial – Urban – Service Complex) is managed and operated by Saigon VRG Investment Company (SVI), a subsidiary of one of the largest corporations. The national leader is the Vietnam Rubber Industry Group. The total investment capital of the project is 5,000 billion VND (nearly 350 million USD).

The complex has a total area of ​​3158 hectares, located in two districts of Go Dau and Trang Bang, Tay Ninh province. In which, the area of ​​land for industrial park development is 2190ha. The Industrial Park has a convenient location for both waterway and road traffic.

As a province with a national border of 240km long, bordering three provinces of Cambodia, Tay Ninh holds the position of a bridge between Ho Chi Minh City – Phnom Penh, two major economic and cultural centers of Vietnam and Cambodia. Tay Ninh province is the western gateway by road of the southern key economic region provinces to Cambodia, Thailand and ASEAN markets through Moc Bai international border gate, and other national border gates.

Phuoc Dong Industrial Park was developed according to the design of leading foreign consultants such as ACLA (Hongkong), Hyder (UK), ensuring the planning of all construction items in the area according to international standards and providing all utilities for production, export, import and transportation of goods of the enterprise as well as ensuring the working environment of employees in the area is safe, efficient and clean.

Factory For Rent In Tay Ninh

Factory For Rent In Tay Ninh

Phuoc Dong Industrial Park is planned to be divided into two zones: technical industrial park and multi-industry industrial park. The technical industrial park will attract high-tech and less labor-intensive occupations such as assembling and manufacturing electronic components, computers and semiconductors; telecommunications cables and materials; electrical equipment; pharmaceuticals, medical equipment; exact mechanics; industries producing new materials, nanotechnology, and industries with advanced technology that do not pollute the environment. Phuoc Dong Industrial Parkmulti-sectors will attract the following industries: mechanical processing, steel structures; assembling bicycles, motorcycles, cars and specialized means of transport; processing agricultural products, agro-pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs; production of building materials and components for the construction industry; high-end fashion apparel, leather shoe processing; manufacturing plastic products, accessories, household appliances; high-grade furniture processing, and other industries.

Stages of Phuoc Dong Industrial Park



  • 01. Manufacture of costumes.
  • 02. Manufacture of toys.
  • 03.Production of beverages.
  • 04. Group of mechanical projects (B):
    • Medical equipment.
    • Precision mechanics (No plating).
    • Mechanical processing, steel structure.
    • Assemble cars, motorcycles, bicycles.
    • Machinery and equipment for industry, agriculture and forestry.
  • 05. Manufacture of gymnastics and sports equipment.
  • 06. Manufacture of cabinets, beds, tables and chairs.
  • 07. Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products.
  • 08. Group of electronics and telecommunications projects (A) includes the following industries:
    • Cables and telecommunications materials.
    • Producing new materials, nanotechnology.
    • Assemble electronic components, computers and semiconductors.
    • Household electrical appliances, industrial electrical equipment.
  • 09. Manufacture of metal products (except weapons and ammunition).
  • 10. Group of pharmaceutical and cosmetic production projects (G):
    • Medicine.
    • Producing plastic products, household appliances, accessories.
  • 11. Manufacture of jewelry, imitation jewelry and related details.
  • 12. Producing paper and paper products (not producing pulp).
  • 13. Group of agricultural product processing projects (E): Processing agricultural products.
  • 14. Producing products from rubber (except processing latex) and plastic.
  • 15. Project group Agro-pharmaceutical processing (not producing chemical pesticides (F)).
  • 16. Manufacture of leather and footwear and related products (except for tanning and preliminary processing of leather).
  • 17. Group of food processing projects (I): Food processing (not producing and processing starch).
  • 18. Project group for wood processing, glass and ceramic production (D): Wood processing, high-class furniture.
  • 19. Group of textile and garment projects (C): High-end fashion apparel, leather shoes, weaving (excluding dyeing and tanning stages).
  • 20. Project group producing building materials (H): Producing building materials and building components.
  • 21. Manufacture of glass and glass products, refractory products, ceramic products (using new technologies), gypsum products.
  • 22. Production of building materials: only projects for the production of unburnt building materials are encouraged (not for projects of baked clay bricks).
  • 23. Weaving (in finishing textile products, the dyeing stage accounts for a small percentage of the production line and uses modern technology, ensuring environmental safety and hygiene).
  • 24. Manufacture of tobacco products (with conditions under the Government’s Decree No. 119/2007/ND-CP dated July 18, 2007 on tobacco production and trading).
  • 25. Waste collection, treatment and recycling activities: only one project of collection, transportation and treatment of solid wastes generated in Phuoc Dong Industrial Park will be accepted, with modern treatment technology. , closed to ensure no pollution to the environment.
  • 26. Metal production: only a few projects with modern and energy-saving technology are accepted (must be verified by competent agencies in accordance with the provisions of Circular No. 10/2009/TT-BKHCN) dated April 24, 2009 of the Ministry of Science and Technology) and in line with the development orientation of the metal manufacturing industry.

Electricity distribution system

  • 4 internal stations: Station 1 (2 x 63MVA); Station 2 (2 x 63MVA + 40 MVA); Station 3 (2 x 63MVA) and Station 4 (2 x 63MVA).
  • Trang Bang Station 110KV (2x40MVA)
  • Thanh Duc Station (40MVA)

Water supply system

  • High quality water source from Dau Tieng lake (1.58 billion m 3 )
  • Raw water from the East canal 220,000 m 3 /day-night
  • Internal station, capacity 120,000m 3 /day-night

Waste water treatment system

  • Meets standard A according to QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT
  • Large and modern solid waste collection and sorting center.
  • Internal station, capacity 90,000m 3 /day-night

Telecommunications system

  • ADSL broadband service, Optical fiber.
  • Telecommunications with IDD.

Drainage system

  • Wastewater is discharged into Ba Tuoi stream and Cau Duc stream.
  • High ground position to prevent flooding. Factory For Rent In Tay Ninh

Good geology

  • Altitude: 12-17 m above sea level.
  • The terrain is flat, the soil is hard, thus saving construction costs.

Transportation system

  • Main road: 6 lanes with a width of 60m.
  • Internal roads: 2-4 lanes with a width of 18-29m.

Utility services

  • Customs office in the zone.
  • ICD, Logistics Shipping Center
  • Banks, Post Offices, Trade Centers
  • School, Hospital, Dormitory and Housing và