Land for lease in VSIP II Industrial Park Vietnam - GPLease Vietnam

  • Area:  10000m2
100 USD

Land for lease in VSIP II Industrial Park Vietnam

For Rent
  • Vsip II Industrial Park Binh Duong
Property Name: BD-GP-01 Industrial land for rent
Property Type: Land In the industrial park
Location: Vsip II Industrial Park Binh Duong
Driving time to CBD: + 7km . from the administrative center of Binh Duong province

+ Bien Hoa City and Vung Tau City.

+ 40km from Ho Chi Minh City

Unit size: From 10.000m2
Total Lettable Area: Subdivision: 5000m2- 1ha- 2ha- 3ha- 10ha- 50ha…
Year Completed: 2021
Juridical separate pink book, valid until 2070
Policy corporate income tax reduction: the first 2 years, 50% reduction for the next 4 years. Support for investment license registration, business registration license…


VSIP II Binh Duong (Phase 1)

  • Established: 2006
  • Area: 345 Ha (98% occupied)
  • Total investment capital: US$1.3 billion
  • Customers: 128 companies
  • Workforce: 23,800 workers

In 2006, VSIP once again highlighted the growing bilateral relations between Vietnam and Singapore with the 10th Anniversary on 26 September 2006 marked by the Prime Ministers of the two countries, H.E. Nguyen Tan Dung – Prime Minister of Vietnam and H.E. Lee Hsien Long – Prime Minister of Singapore.

At the anniversary, VSIP officially launched its second projects – the VSIP II Binh Duong with 345 hectares, just 15 km North of VSIP I. Following the success of the first VSIP, VSIP II enjoys the support of customers with 98% already taken-up within 02 years since its launch. To date, it has attracted 128 customers from 20 countries with the total investment more than US$1.3 billion.

Land for lease in VSIP II Industrial Park Vietnam

Land for lease in VSIP II Industrial Park Vietnam

Information about the Management Board:

No. 8 Dai lo Huu Nghi, VSIP, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong,
Tel: (84.650) 3743 898 Fax: (84.650) 3743 430

VSIP II Binh Duong (Phase 2)

  • Established: 2008
  • Area: 1,700 Ha comprising 1,000 Ha industrial zone and 700 Ha township
  • Expected investment capital: US$2 billion
  • Expected workforce: 40,000 workers
Land for lease in VSIP II Industrial Park Vietnam

Land for lease in VSIP II Industrial Park Vietnam

In 2008, to meet the increasing demand of investors, VSIP has expanded VSIP II project to further 1,700 hectares. Comprising 1,000 hectares of industrial zone and 700 hectares township, VSIP is well-placed to participate in the exciting emergence of the second largest city in south Vietnam, the new Binh Duong City.

VSIP II Binh Duong (Phase II) has attracted 40 investment projects so far, occupying 30% of industrial land. Specifically, Procter & Gamble (P&G) has completed construction and commenced operation since September 2010. In addition, some large corporations in the manufacturing and packaging sector from the U.S. and Japan have received the land lot and went under construction.


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