Project Management in Vietnam - GPLease Management Company

GPLease project management: Managing risk and adding value

GPLease Project Management works with clients to deliver projects from “concept to completion” by implementing cost-effective, industry-leading processes to optimize projects, minimize risk and create value.

Combining a global network and local experience, we prudently optimize capital expenditures and provide integrated design, project management and construction services to our clients.

GPLease has developed services in response to our clients’ growing need for knowledgeable, experienced leaders who can connect with all stakeholders; make informed decisions; accurately predict the cost and schedule of the project; and successfully manage the design, construction and relocation process.

The team has the tools & systems, global network and strong customer service ethos to enable us to handle all projects with equal diligence in planning and coordination, ensure we meet our customers’ expectations in terms of schedule and cost.

Our highly skilled teamates include bilingual Project Managers who are knowledgeable about local market practices, regulations and supply chains.

GPLease is the only team in the commercial office project management industry in Vietnam which have a PMP® Professional Management Professional Certified Project Manager, demonstrating our knowledge of requirements and processes. global standard.
Skilled and experienced team members from various fields including construction management; Architectural design; Skill; planning; number of surveys; sustainability and risk management.

GPLease’s project management includes:

  1. Design Management
  2. Program Management
  3. Construction Management
  4. Pre-Construction
  5. Cost Management
  6. Risk Management
  7. Contract Management
  8. Quality Management
  9. Relocation Management
  10. Project Development

Project Management Stages

  1. Start the project
  2. Project Planning: This is the stage of setting goals, determining what needs to be done, the resources needed to carry out the project, and the process of developing a logical sequence of action plan that can be represented as a system diagram.
  3. Project implementation
  4. Project monitoring and control: is the process of monitoring and checking project progress, analyzing completion status, solving related problems and making project status reports.
  5. Project finished

Design Management

Our design services complement our wide range of consulting services to provide a tailored and comprehensive service to our clients.

  • We do this by managing the process from conception through the various stages of the design cycle, assessing risks and costs to deliver a final design solution that meets the criteria. of primary importance, flexibility, buildability and durability.

Program Management


The management of time is a critical factor in controlling project costs, resources, and quality.

The critical path program is a “living” document that will constantly be monitored and controlled.

  • We do this by defining a series of critical tasks that form the “critical path” to determine the shortest possible period from project start to project completion. Often projects have multiple critical paths, and these paths will change over the life of the project.
  • We understand the critical path is one of the keys to project success. The critical path program must identify all key tasks and accurately estimate their durations allowing for available resources, provide accurate links between predecessor and successor tasks, and factor in critical client milestones.

Construction Management

Construction management is the core of our execution services. Typically, it includes:

HSE Management, QA/QC, co-ordination between contractors, shop drawing and materials review, design review with respect to constructability, site logistics, assessing variations for impact to program and cost, inspecting and certifying work at completion, attendance during the building warranty period, and compilation of as-built documentation and O&M manuals.

  • We form a unique CM team for each new project in response to the individual needs and challenges of that project.
  • A bespoke CM team allows for effective mobilization, establishment, and delivery of the Project Execution Plan.
  • We hand over a complete and fully commissioned project in accordance with our Completion and Handover Plan.



A true pre-construction service determines how a project will be delivered and is based on a thorough, practical understanding of the entire development and construction process, particularly in the context of Vietnam, and is pivotal in our commitment to finding and delivering the best solutions for clients.

  • We are experienced in the production of feasibility studies, design reports, project development appraisals, risk assessments and business models.
  • We add further value to this with our in-house knowledge and expertise in constructability, design management, infrastructure and building services, civil and structural engineering.


Cost Management

Stand-alone, or as an integrated service, cost management is a critical factor in the successful delivery of any project and independent advice is invaluable to our clients.


We do this by providing impartial, specialist advice to manage the diverse cost and procurement elements of construction projects from inception to completion.


Our early appointment in the project cycle allows for key cost drivers and procurement strategies to

be defined, delivering the best value solutions for our clients at all stages of the project.

Risk Management

Our clients face new business challenges every day, which makes committing to a new project a daunting task, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities to the

project and their business as a whole.

We achieve this by applying the appropriate skillsets to the implementation of a comprehensive and systematic approach to identifying and managing risks and opportunities.

We adopt a proactive approach early in the project lifecycle to ensure projects are delivered on-time, on-budget, and to required standards. We balance practicality with real-time risk awareness of project goals and objectives.

Quality management

Project quality management is a collection of activities of the management function, which is a process to ensure that the project best meets its requirements and objectives. Project quality management includes the identification of quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities and their implementation through the following activities: quality planning, quality control and assurance in the system.

The three aspects of planning, quality assurance and quality control are closely related and interact with each other. Each content appears at least once in each phase of the project cycle, each is the result of the other two, and also the cause affecting the results of the implementation of the other two. . Therefore, GPLease always tightens management in each project development process to bring the best quality to customers.

Project Development

Our view and approach are unique:

  • We understand how project development integrates into project management, fundamentally driving and defining the project lifecycle.
  • We do this by a process that involves the creation of robust and strategic development strategies to maintain or enhance the financial viability of projects.


Early involvement is key to success – from appointment through to completion and our clients are focused on the benefit of this direct approach