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Exceptional home moving services

We offer professional home removal services of unrivalled quality, all expertly designed to provide you with a seamless moving journey. Whether you’re moving locally or to another country, we always go above and beyond to make your move as stress-free as possible. That’s why we offer a wide range of additional house moving services, covering you from the moment you start to think about moving home to helping you settle into your new area.

As well as comprehensive moving package, which includes a professional and unpacking service as standard, you can work with your move coordinator to tailor additional services that will make this the best move of your life.

From storage solutions to shipment protection, we’ll work with you on everything you need for a stress-free start to life in your new home.

Our personalised house moving services

When it comes to helping you move, GPLease Relocation is committed to taking the hassle out of your journey. Our top priorities are convenience and efficiency, allowing us to get your belongings safely from A to B.

Moving In The Water

Moving to a new home means you’ll be faced with chores like finding a good neighborhood for your kids, calculating and packing all your possessions, and arranging to move them all from your old home. to a new home. With all the stress associated with these changes, it wouldn’t be great if you could find an expert who has guided thousands of people along the way — someone you ca


Moving internationally means you will face language barriers, customs regulations, global security requirements, and high demands for precise coordination and punctuality. With all the stress associated with these changes, it wouldn’t be great to have an expert who has guided thousands of people along the way – someone you can trust to take care of all the costs. time?

That’s just what the immigration experts at GPLease do best. Our specialists are multilingual and speak languages ​​including Korean, German and French.

With an extensive worldwide network in more than 600 locations including Busan and Seoul, and with over 50,000 international transfers annually on our credit, GPLease leads the industry in global relocation.

The challenge

Organizing and managing a relocation project, delivering it on time and within budget whilst delivering the space to meet your future business needs is a job for experts. Relocation Services in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam

Moving into new business premises requires the involvement and management of a large number of professionals.

Lawyers, real estate advisors, designers, engineers, contractors and specialists in fields such as IT and audiovisual installations all have a part to play. That’s where we come in. Relocation Services in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam

Our approach

Working closely with your legal and property advisers we offer a fully integrated relocation service for occupiers of all kinds of commercial property. Relocation Services in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam

We have the skills to assess the space needs of your business and develop an occupational brief which can serve as a template for a property search.

We can carry out initial building appraisals and technical due diligence to assist with the acquisition of the selected premises, and then plan, design and oversee the fitting out work, before managing your migration onto the building.

On the way we will manage the costs for you, ensure that your new premises meet the best standards for sustainable design and are fully compliant with statutory regulations, as well as advising on capital allowances, checking your fire insurance cover and helping to resolve dilapidations issues in the premises you leave behind.

The benefit to you

No one else offers such a complete package designed to manage and deliver your project from beginning to end.

We offer commercial flair mixed with practical and pragmatic management skills as well as a wealth of experience working with projects of all types.

Combine this with our GPLease Real Estate background and it all adds up to reliability of performance and certainty of delivery.