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  • Area:  100m2
350 USD

Platinum Luxury Center Park Tran Duy Hung Apartment

For Rent
  • Tran Duy Hung, My Dinh, Hanoi City
  • Quận huyện: Trần Duy Hưng
  • Kiểu dự án: Chung cư cao cấp
  • Chủ đầu tư: Tổng công ty hàng không Emirates
  • Loại hình đầu tư: Với lợi thế sở hữu vị trí ” Vàng ” đắc địa cùng tiện ích đẳng cấp và thiết kế căn hộ khá linh hoạt giúp khách hàng có thể lựa chọn được căn hộ phù hợp nhất. Chung cư Trần Duy Hưng sẽ là điểm đến đáng mơ ước, nơi tận hưởng cuộc sống một cách hoàn hảo trọn vẹn.


Project name: Platium Luxury Center Park Tran Duy Hung

– Investor: Tan Hoang Minh Group

– Division of lungs and operation and management: Vinhomes

– Construction unit: Cotec Construction Joint Stock Company – Coteccons

– Funding bank: Techcombank

– Total land area: 50,309 m2

– Construction area: 21,737m2

– Residential area with floor area: 280,000 m2

– Number of basements: 3 floors

– Number of floors: 39 – 45 floors

– School area: 2502 m2

– Utility area: 26,070 m2

– Construction density: 29.8%

– Total number of apartments: 1200 units

– Apartment area: 57 – 110m2

– Commencement: 18/05/2016

– Completion: Quarter IV/2018

– Scale:

Project  Platium Luxury Center Park  Tran Duy Hung is built as a complex of commercial centers, office buildings and high-class apartments, deployed with 6 high-rise buildings, in which:

+ Tower A – B: 43 floors high, sharing a 5-storey podium.
+ Tower D: 41 floors high.
+ Tower H: 39 floors high.
– Officetel area: tower C – G: 45 floors high.
– Kindergarten area: 3 separate floors high.

Platinum Luxury Center Park Tran Duy Hung apartment building owns the “Golden” location, one of the most beautiful and busiest streets of Hanoi. The advantage of location and modern synchronous transport infrastructure will surely be the destination for many high-class citizen customers in the near future.

The  Platium Luxury Center Park Tran Duy Hung project is located on the facades of 3 arterial traffic routes of the Capital, making it easy to move between areas:
– East: Adjacent to Hoang Minh Giam road
– West: Adjacent to Khuat Duy Tien road
– South: Adjacent to Nhan Chinh Lake area
– North: Located on Tran Duy Hung street

In particular, the Platinum Luxury Center Park Tran Duy Hung apartment complex is located in an area that has been synchronized with complete infrastructure: markets, schools, hospitals, shopping malls,… trade for residents.

+ National Convention Center – 500m
+ Opposite the big C . commercial center
+ Adjacent to Nhan Chinh Lake Park
+ Right next to the Grand Plaza luxury hotel area
+ Security Academy – Distance – 3 Km
+ Hanoi National University – 2.5 Km
+ My Dinh National Stadium – 1.5 Km
+ Adjacent to Amsterdam international school….

With the advantage of owning a synchronous traffic infrastructure adjacent to the arterial roads of Hanoi, so after Tran Duy Hung apartment residents come to live, they can easily move to the area. the center or go to neighboring provinces easily, creating an attraction not to be missed.


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