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  • Area:  32811m2
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DN-L-02: Detached Factory in Nhon Trach

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  • Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province.

It is located in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai, one of the major and most developed manufacturing centers in Vietnam. The project is enclosed by completed technical and traffic infrustructure and its strategic location with close proximity to seaports, airports, hi-tech parks, and city center help manufacturers to save transportation and costs.

Property Name: DN-L-02: Detached Factory in Nhon Trach
Property Type: Ready-Built Factory for Lease
Location: Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province.
Driving time to CBD: 45 minutes (District 1, HCM City)
Land Area: 32.811 sqm
Unit size: Factory area: 2.571-3.929 m2

Office area: 228-330 m2

Total Lettable Area: TBC
Year Completed: 2020
Clear Height: 7m
Furnishing condition: Factory: male-female furnished toilets

Office: male-female furnished toilets, lights


Vinatex – Tan Tao Industrial Park is a multi-industry industrial park, located in 2 communes Hiep Phuoc and Phuoc An, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province. With a particularly favorable geographical position: 60km from Ho Chi Minh City, 40km from Bien Hoa, and 60km from Ba Ria – Vung Tau; is considered as the three-pole center of the southern key economic region, very convenient for the circulation of import and export goods and domestic consumption.

Besides, investing in Vinatex – Tan Tao Industrial Park, your business will be able to use a synchronous and modern technical infrastructure system with a complete system of items including: traffic system, lighting public, domestic water supply, wastewater treatment, communication, and green planning…

Factory for lease in Nhon Trach Industrial Park

Factory for lease in Nhon Trach Industrial Park

Factory for lease in Nhon Trach Industrial Park

Factory for lease in Nhon Trach Industrial Park


About Nhon Trach District

Geographical location :

Nhon Trach district is a district separated from Long Thanh district according to Decree No. 51/CP dated June 23, 1994 of the Government, the district is located in the southwest of Dong Nai province, with geographical coordinates from 106045’16” – 107001’55” East longitude and 10031’33” – 10046’59” North latitude, geographical location as follows:

– North: bordering Ho Chi Minh City and Long Thanh district.

– South: bordering Ho Chi Minh City.

– The East: borders Long Thanh district and Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

– West: bordering Ho Chi Minh City.

Terrain and soil :

It is a district in the Southeast Delta region.

The natural area of ​​the district is 41,083.68 hectares, accounting for 6.96% of the province’s natural area, of which:

– Agricultural land: 27,364.30 ha, accounting for 66.61% of the total area.

– Non-agricultural land: 13,662.38 ha, accounting for 33.26% of the total area, of which:

+ Residential land: 1,962.91 ha.

+ Specialized land: 4,702.42 ha.

+ Land for religion and belief: 49.49 ha.

+ Cemetery land: 76.31 ha.

+ Land for rivers, streams and specialized water surface: 6,871.25 ha.

– Unused land: 57.01 ha, accounting for 0.14% of the total area.

Demographic-human characteristics :

– The average total population of the District is: 167,929 people.

– Number of people in working age is: 101,805 people.

– Number of people working is: 87,950 people in which:

+ Labor in agriculture and forestry: 20,050 people.

+ Industrial labor is: 35,570 people.

+ Service labor is: 32,330 people.

Information about communes :

STT Administrative Unit (Commune)  Natural area (ha)   Industrial land area (ha)   Defense land area (ha)   Population (people) 
first Dai Phuoc    1,679.91             7.41           9.268
2 Hiep Phuoc    1,813.58  1,100.12         27.807
3 Long Tan    3.544.82       96.73           9,148
4 Longevity    2.427.51         10.284
5 Phu Dong    2.174.95             8.68         10,908
6 Phu Hoi    1,918.86     501.85             0.92         10,820
7 Phu Huu    2.156.29             0.14         11,854
8 Phu Thanh    1,784.10       50.25         449.84         11.516
9 Phuoc An  14,939.86       65.45           9.162
ten Phuoc Khanh    3,624.34     181.89         12.517
11 Phuoc Thien    1,701.79     324.63         26,098
twelfth Vinh Thanh    3.317.67       62.00         18,574
  total  41,083.68  2,382.92         466.99       167,929


Nhon Trach district was established in 1994 under Decree No. 51/CP of the Government with a total natural area of ​​41,089. Since 1996, it has been developed and planned as an industrial city, located in the southern key economic region. Of which, the approved industrial zones are 3,500 ha. The economic structure is shifting in a positive direction. GDP of agriculture, forestry and fishery sector decreased by 3.1% per year on average, in contrast, GDP of industry and construction increased by 7.5% times, the average growth rate was 24 times. 1% annually, the service sector has an average annual growth of 18.4%.

I/ Industry – Handicrafts

– In recent years, in Nhon Trach district, investment in the field of industrial production continues to develop. By the end of 2005, there were 213 projects with a total investment capital of 2.83 billion USD, bringing the value of industrial-construction production to 3,682 billion VND (According to 1994) to achieve the set targets. and equal to 125% over the same period.

– Particularly in the first 6 months of 2006 in Nhon Trach concentrated industrial park, there were 162 projects, 13 production branches and 6 other establishments, total registered capital of 2,468,044,000 USD, attracting 37,019 employees, total area assigned to projects 1,985 ha, leased area 1,413 ha. Factory for lease in Nhon Trach Industrial Park

– Ong Keo Industrial Park attracts 18 projects under construction with a total area of ​​476 ha.

– Local industrial park (Phu Thanh – Vinh Thanh):

+ Industrial zone phase I of 50 hectares has 11 projects introduced by the Provincial People’s Committee, with a total area of ​​35.55 hectares.

+ Industrial park phase II 44 ha has 16 projects recommended locations by the Provincial People’s Committee, with a total area of ​​23.33 ha.

Currently, there are 3 factories in operation.

– The handicraft industry in recent years has continued to develop, by the end of 2005 there were 980 establishments operating in the following industries: mechanical processing, welding, turning, milling, noodle making, and bread production. , production of building materials … The value of handicraft production in 2005 was 102 billion dong, reaching the planned target and equaling 135.3% of the same period.

– The economic development strategy up to 2010 continues to attract and create a favorable environment for domestic and foreign investors to invest in concentrated industrial parks and local industrial parks.

II/Commercial – Service

– Service activities in the district in recent years have been mainly undertaken by individual business households. Currently, there are 2,932 households registered to do business in various fields with a total registered capital of 83,412,000,000 VND.

– Market network development planning according to Decision No. 2204/QD.CT.UBND dated June 20, 2005 of the Provincial People’s Committee in Nhon Trach district, there are 11 grade 3 markets and 1 grade 2 market. Dai Phuoc market) is under construction. Repair and upgrade includes 5 markets: Phuoc Thien (2007), Phuoc Khanh (2006), Phu Thanh (2007), Phu Dong (2007), Phuoc An (2008).

– The market must be relocated and built at another location, including Dai Phuoc market, invested by private enterprise Huynh Minh in Dai Phuoc commune, on an area of ​​3.2 hectares, and Long Tho hamlet 1 market, owned by An Thanh Co., Ltd. Location of Huong Lo street 19, Long Tho commune on an area of ​​2.16 ha. The above 2 projects are under construction. Factory for lease in Nhon Trach Industrial Park

– Continue to invest in approved commercial centers, including:

+ The center of Hiep Phuoc crossroads is built by Dan Xuan Trading Business Service Co., Ltd on an area of ​​20 hectares.

+ The wholesale market tourist trade area in Long Tho commune on an area of ​​6.98 hectares, managed and developed by the company in District 5.

+ Commercial center for industry in industrial zone III, Phu Hoi commune on an area of ​​16 ha, invested by Tin Nghia company.

– Planning on development of petroleum trading network according to Decision No. 1867/QD.CT.UBT dated June 27, 2003 approved by the Provincial People’s Committee, in Nhon Trach district, there are 34 petrol and oil trading points. 15 enterprises have officially come into operation in this field.


The agricultural sector in recent years has continuously developed, associated with the construction of new rural areas, the value of agricultural production has achieved an average annual growth of 4.2%, if including agriculture – forestry – fishery. average growth rate of 7%. The proportion of livestock in agricultural production value increased from 30.4% (in 2000) to 37.68% (in 2005).

Although the area of ​​production land is decreasing day by day, due to the requirements of the construction planning of the industrial zone and urban planning (compared to 2000, the agricultural land area has decreased by 4,933 ha due to conversion to non-agricultural land), but thanks to the focus on investment in agricultural services such as irrigation and science and technology transfer. At the same time, actively transform the plant structure in the direction of arranging a structure suitable to the natural characteristics of each sub-region and to the requirements of the market. In the past 5 years, 1,669 hectares of inefficient single-crop rice land has been converted to sugarcane, noodles, vegetables of all kinds, pineapple, and fruit trees. As a result, the productivity of crops increased (rice increased from 31.8 quintals/ha to 36 quintals/ha, wheat increased from 15.5 tons/ha – 24 tons/ha, sugarcane from 68.46 tons/ha – 76 ,1 ton/ha).

Along with the restructuring of crops, the district also advocates investment and development of concentrated agricultural commodity areas to supply raw materials for the processing industry, forming specialized sugarcane cultivation areas (2100 ha), high quality rice (1700 ha), noodles (1500 ha), pineapple (214 ha), fruit trees (887 ha), vegetables of all kinds (100 ha). Since then, the area of ​​fallow land has decreased from 2000 ha to 307 ha.

The livestock sector continues to develop, the production value of the livestock industry grows at an average annual rate of 8.8%. In 2005, the district’s pig herd reached 36776, an increase of 1.88 times compared to the year 200, and the herd of 5676 cows increased 1.12 times. Poultry flocks decreased compared to 2000 due to the impact of avian influenza, in 2005 there were only 123,000 birds. Some other livestock with high economic value are also developed on some farms such as crocodiles 314 heads, ostriches 100 heads. Factory for lease in Nhon Trach Industrial Park

Aquaculture area in the whole district reached 1497 ha, an increase of 802 ha compared to 1995, mainly developing black tiger shrimp farming by intensive and extensive farming methods. At the same time, the giant freshwater shrimp farming movement was also developed in Dong Nai riverside communes, with fishery output reaching 3180 tons, an increase of 3.5 times compared to 1995.

Farm economy has developed until 2005, there are 209 farms, an increase of 50 farms compared to 2000, mainly aquaculture farms 156, livestock farms 28, average annual income 73 million/ha/page camp.

Collective economy has 8 cooperatives and 24 cooperative economic groups, formed cooperative groups have helped members support each other in production, help each other overcome difficulties, through this model, members have access to production model more efficient.

IV. Forestry:

The total forest area currently has 6536 ha, of which the mangrove forest is 4713 ha, and the upland plantation forest is 1882 ha. Forest coverage reaches 28.50%.

Agricultural economic development strategy to 2020: In 2020, Nhon Trach district will be a new urban area, with an urban construction scale of 23,000 hectares, the economic structure is industry – service – agriculture, in which the proportion of agriculture is agriculture. accounts for about 10-15% of GDP. With the Nhon Trach new urban plan in 2020, develop the agricultural economy towards urban agriculture, shift the crop structure towards industrialization, combine tourism services, and produce green vegetables to meet the demand for quality. of urban population, to develop ornamental flower growing, to apply biotechnology to production, to mechanize agriculture to solve the shortage of labor in agriculture. On that basis in 2020, agricultural production will be achieved. specifically arranged as follows:

Area for development of industrial plants to prevent date: an area of ​​1000 ha, concentrated in Ong Keo.

The fruit tree development area combined with eco-tourism: an area of ​​700 ha, including Phu Dong and Phuoc Khanh communes, located from the fire bridge to the Ong Keo dam, 600 m from the Ong Keo river to the east. On the basis of the area of ​​fruit trees developed in this area, expand the type of ecotourism services.

An area of ​​2000 ha, including Phu Hoi, Phuoc Thien, and Long Tho communes, will be arranged to develop and plant new local specialty fruit trees (durian, strawberry, pomelo, rambutan…) to serve tourism. garden.

Green vegetable production area covers an area of ​​235 ha, concentrated in Phu Dong and Vinh Thanh.

Urban agricultural production area: Production of orchids and ornamental plants with an area of ​​80 hectares. Located in residential areas in Long Tan, Phu Hoi and Phuoc An communes.

Aquaculture area combined with forest protection: Planting mangroves for the purpose of protection and environmental protection in Long Tho, Phuoc An with an area of ​​5000 ha. In which, taking advantage of Ha Long water surface is not suitable for forest development to raise aquatic products, combine with forest protection, organize wildlife farming in combination with a wide range of ecotourism service models.


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