Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park - Factory for rent HP-GP01

  • Area:  24411m2

Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park – Factory for rent HP-GP01

For Rent
  • Do Son Industrial Park, Hai Phong
Property Name: Factory for rent HP-GP01
Property Type: Factory for rent
Location: Do Son Industrial Park, Hai Phong Province
Driving time to CBD: 120 km To Hanoi,
17 km To Hai Phong container port
Unit size: Land lot area: 21,411m2

● Workshop area: 12000m2, 10.3m high workshop from floor to roof edge, lowest and highest 13m

● Workshop size: 120.25 x 92.25m

● Office size 3 floors 32 x 15m = 480m2

Total Lettable Area: 12000m2, 10.3m high workshop
Year Completed: The workshop is under construction and completion
Clear Height: 6.5m – 13m
Furnishing condition: + Fire fighting system (water sprinkler system and hose reels, hydrants and smoke detectors)
Information about the property and its availability are subject to change without notice.


Do Son Industrial Zone

Do Son Industrial Zone is located in the Southeast of Hai Phong, which is the largest seaport city in Vietnam’s Northern Region, an important transportation hub of Northern major economic area, one of five cities directly under the central government and a national first grade city center, the third largest city in Vietnam, which holds an important social, economic, security as well as national defense position in the Northern region and the whole country. Do Son Industrial Zone, with a total land area of 150 hectares, officially started building infrastructure on 13 May, 2004. Up to now it has attracted 50 different investors from countries and territories such as the US, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Vietnam to invest in building factories, attracting thousands of employees from local areas and neighboring provinces. At present, the occupancy rate of Doson Industrial Zone is over 90%.

Convenient Location

  • 190km away from Mongcai Juncture
  • 230km away from Huu Nghi Juncture
  • 120km away from Hanoi
  • 17km away from Hai Phong Container Port
  • 16km away from Hai Phong City Centre
  • 12km away from Cat Bi International Airport
  • 14km away from Hai Phong Railway Station
  • 13km away from PARKSON trade center
  • 3km away from Do Son resort
  • Located next to to Golf Yard


It has an advanced and modern infrastructure, opportunely supplying businesses in the zone with technical infrastructure utilities.
The system of internal roads in zone are paved concrete according to the Vietnam roads H30 standard . The main road is 34m wide and the sub road is 21.5m wide.
Roadside tree system makes sure that the industrial zone is green and clean.
Banking transaction offices along with their banking and credit services as well as ATM systems in industrial zone provide quick and convenient payment for both enterprises and employees.
cơ sở hạ tầng khu công nghiệp Đồ Sơn - Hải Phòng
Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park

Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park

Water supply

The source of nature water is supplied by Do Son Water Plant, its quality is compatible with the Health Department’s TC505/BYT standard.
Delivery rate per day is 10,000m3.
Water charges according to the government regulations is 18,000 VND. Construction Company in Hai Phong
Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park

Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park

vị trí địa lý khu công nghiệp Đồ Sơn - Hải Phòng


  • Tropical and sub-tropical weather, good and pleasant weather all year around.
  • Average temperature : 23-24℃.
  • Annual rainfall: 1.600mm – 1.800mm.
cơ sở hạ tầng khu công nghiệp Đồ Sơn - Hải Phòng

Electric supply

Hai Phong city provides Induatrial zone with two separate power supplies to the power station of Industrial zone. Then the power from the power station of the zone is transferred through 22KV high-voltage lines to the power substations of the enterprises.
Fee for electricity supply(According to government regulations):

  • Period of average demand (4:00-18:00) :VND1685/kwh (US$0.07/kwh)
  • Peak time (18:00 – 22.00):VND 3076/kwh (US$0.13/kwh)
  • Low usage period (22:00 – 4:00) : VND1100/kwh (US$0.04/kwh)
Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park

Factory for rent in Do Son industrial park

Drainage and sewage treatment work

Rain-water and sewage treatment systems were designed separately from each other.
The sewage treatment plant always operates 24/24h. Wastewater discharged from the factories into the industrial park’s sewage pipe systems then will be treated by this plant. Adopting a combination of innovative biological and chemical treatment process with highest degree of automation. The delivery rate is 1200m3 per day.


The first stage of Do son Industrial Zone exhibition area has completed, it will provide exhibition venues as well as living facilities to companies located here. We welcome you to come and visit, and further discuss your investment plan in Doson with us.

Some reference costs

Transportation fee (40 feet standard container)

US$79/container (From Doson industrial zone to Haiphong port)

Factory building construction cost
(given by building contractor)

From VND 2,200,000/m2 (US$96/m2) to VND 2,900,000/m2 (US$132/m2)
(Depending on factory’s structure)

Wage of worker in IZ

VND 4,472,600/month (According to government regulations)

Insurance of worker

Social insurance (25.5%) + Health insurance (4.5%) + Unemployment Insurance ( 2%) = 32% ( in which the employer pays 21.5%; the employee pays 10,5%)

Lunch for worker

VND 17,000 – 23,000/person (US$0.7- US$0.9) (Lunch for employees is cooked by either the company or lunch box services outside the company. In addition, the company gives workers their snacks if overtime).


VND325,000/bottle (12kg) (US$14,1/bottle/12kg)

Petrol RON 92

VND19,910/liter ( US$ 0.85/liter)


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