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  • Area:  24000m2
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Factory for rent DN06 in Bien Hoa city

For Rent
  • Bien Hoa City Dong Nai Province
  • Good location, close to ICD Long Binh, easy to connect to National Road 1A,
  • National 51, close proximity residence area. Easy to recruit labor
  • Brand new factory, built up follow high standard
  • Huge yard for container parking
  • 10 roller doors for container entry
  • Competitive rental


Property Name: Factory for lease Dong Nai 06
Property Type: Industrial factory for lease in Dong Nai
Approved Usage: Manufacturing/ warehouse
Location: Bien Hoa, Dong Nai
Sole Agent: CBRE
Price: To be negotiated upon site visit
Built Up Area:
  • 4 units range from 11,000m2 – 13,000m2
  • 1 units available: 11,000m2
  • Good location, close to ICD Long Binh, easy to connect to National Road 1A,
  • National 51, close proximity residence area. Easy to recruit labor
  • Brand new factory, built up follow high standard
  • Huge yard for container parking
  • 10 roller doors for container entry
  • Competitive rental
Minimum Leasing Term: 5 years
Legal Ownership: Lease contract / Property ownership available


Currently, Bien Hoa – Dong Nai is one of the key economic development areas of the South. This is where many of the largest enterprises and factories in the country are located today. And in the near future, Dong Nai will plan 8 more large industrial zones in the province. Promises to attract a lot of workers from the provinces.

This makes job opportunities in Dong Nai in general and Bien Hoa in particular at this time extremely large. Everyone will find the job they like, suitable for them here in the simplest and easiest way.

TOP 5 Most Prominent Industrial Parks In Bien Hoa

Below, let’s learn about 5 of the most prominent industrial parks in Bien Hoa. This will be useful to you.

Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Zone

This is one of the earliest industrial zones formed in 1995 and has a great influence on the economy and attractiveness of Dong Nai province. Keeping a strategic geographical position, it gives businesses advantages in trading and buying and selling.

  Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park  has been invested in infrastructure in a very complete way. Prominent is the wastewater treatment system with a capacity of up to 8,000m3/day. With advanced European technology, it will make an important contribution to keeping the environment safe.

  • Address: Long Binh Tan Ward – Bien Hoa City – Dong Nai (opposite SONADEZI building)

Lotteco Industrial Park

Loteco was born in the early days of 1996. It is an industrial park with an area of ​​up to 100 hectares with an investment of 41 million USD. It is considered the top destination for foreign investors when coming to Vietnam.

Currently, Lotteco focuses on two main services and products:

  • Land.
  • Factory.

All are rented, built according to the customer’s opinion. From there, creating necessary advantages for production, business, import and export activities.

  • Address: No. 123 Bui Van Hoa – Bien Hoa – Dong Nai.

Tam Phuoc Industrial Park

Tam Phuoc is an industrial park invested by Tin Nghia Industrial Park Development Joint Stock Company. This place gives priority to businesses and companies moving to garment production, food, mechanics, wood.

Possessing a great location, Tam Phuoc Industrial Park offers a favorable environment for development and production. Currently, it is one of the best industrial parks in Bien Hoa city.

  • Address: No. 6a, Tam Phuoc, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province.

Amata Industrial Park

    Amata was built and put into use in 1994. This is a joint-venture industrial park project by Vietnam and Thailand.

Amata Industrial Park is distinguished by its beautiful location as well as extremely modern infrastructure. Here, the management board also has a free and extremely professional service staff system. From there, take care of businesses and companies located here in the best way.

Agtex Long Binh Industrial Park

This is also one of the prominent industrial park projects in Bien Hoa city. It has contributed a lot in attracting human resources and investment in Dong Nai province.

Agtex Long Binh is invested in extremely modern infrastructure. Along with that is a large area and a team of human resources to take care of businesses in the most professional way. Since then, creating good conditions for development in production, trade and sale.

  • Address: Long Binh Ward – Bien Hoa City – Dong Nai.

What Benefits Do These Industrial Parks Bring To The People Living Around?

The development of industrial zones brings many benefits to residents. Among them, let’s take a look at the most important and outstanding ones.

  • The surrounding people benefit greatly from the infrastructure and roads of the industrial park.
  • People will have more opportunities to find jobs that match their needs close to home.
  • It helps the life as well as the face of Bien Hoa city develop faster.
  • These industrial zones also help real estate prices increase rapidly. At the same time, helping to make real estate sales in the area become much more exciting.


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