Star Wish PentHouse Apartment - GPLease apartment for rent in Hanoi

  • Area:  50m2
30 USD

Star Wish PentHouse Apartment

For Rent
  • Co Linh Street, Thach Ban, Long Bien, Hanoi
  • District: Long Bien
    Project Type: Apartment
    Investor: Minhair Aviation Group
    Type of investment: Different from ordinary attic apartments, penthouse apartments usually have a large area and spacious garden, wide viewing angle to show the class of a high-class apartment. . Penhouse will be designed differently from apartments in the same building to meet the criteria of luxury and luxury.


Luxurious living space and different class: A luxury apartment full of the world’s leading elites often cannot appear in houses or apartments in the city. Therefore, it can be said that the penthouse apartments are one of the most beautiful apartments in the city. Star Wish PentHouse Apartment

The most beautiful view: Penthouse apartments are usually built on the top floor, so the view will be considered the best view of the building. The higher the building, the more beautiful the view of the Penthouse, especially those in the heart of the city.

High-class facilities: As apartments for the elite, the penthouse apartments are always equipped with different utilities that are not inferior to resorts.

The apartment must be located on the attic floor and has a particularly large area.

The apartment is designed with a different class to highlight the unique luxury of the building. Star Wish PentHouse Apartment


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