Villa for rent in Noi Bai Ha Noi City - Garden villa near Noi Bai airport

  • Area:  100m2
600 USD

Garden villa near Noi Bai airport

For Rent
  • 275 xã Phú Minh,Sóc Sơn,Hà Nội
  • District: Noi Bai
    Project Type: Villa
    Investor: Ocean Financial Group
    Type of investment:   French neoclassical villa with luxurious and sophisticated architectural perspective, enough to captivate many customers. With experience in designing and constructing hundreds of house models, Wedo architect is confident to be one of the leading professional villa design and construction units today.


+ The planned floor area is 120m2, planning to design and construct the villa model x 3 floors

+ Favorite architectural style is French Neoclassical architecture

+ Overall design from the wall to the exterior as well as the interior of the building

+ Design the facade with an architectural perspective so that it is impressive, luxurious, superficial with solid vitality

+ The rooftop balcony is designed to be airy, design many window systems with standard sizes of Lu Ban to ensure a harmonious circulation for the overall space. Villa for rent in Noi Bai

+ The roof is designed with trapezoidal blocks, the design incorporates decorative windows, without using the bridge roof block

+ Using natural stone in exterior and interior decoration, ensuring luxury and sophistication for the common space

The foot of the column is designed in front of the front and is carefully decorated with the foot and top of the column, cladding and decorative patterns along with the facade and the front steps, creating a high and airy villa model. can receive many streams of vitality.

From the base of the wall to the footing, the steps, the main porch and the stairs are covered with dark natural stone, the rooftop is airy and the roof block has decorative windows, balancing strong lines with soft and supple lines. Villa for rent in Noi Bai, Ha Noi City

From the main hall to the inside is the living room, wide and high atrium stairs are arranged right next to it, both separating the space and convenient for moving from the central space to other spaces. Designed from the side hall running into the kitchen and dining table, the design is airy and spacious, so it is very convenient to use. The shared toilet is used at the bottom of the stairs. 1 small bedroom is arranged in the innermost corner of the building for the maid, ensuring the living space is completely separate from the family.


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