Apartment near the industrial park leading real estate Binh Duong


Apartment near the industrial park leading real estate Binh Duong

Apartment near the industrial park leading real estate Binh Duong

The advantage of “industrial capital” turns Binh Duong into a destination for large-scale apartment projects with many utilities to meet the needs of professionals.

According to a report by Batdongsan.com.vn, in the third quarter, the number of people asking to buy and rent real estate increased slightly at 3% compared to the previous quarter. In the southern region, Binh Duong is one of the three localities with a significant level of interest with 14%, after Dong Nai 19% and Long An 24%.

The Vietnam Real Estate Association in a report also said that localities intersecting with Thu Duc City – the “Eastern creative urban area” of Ho Chi Minh City, such as Binh Duong are becoming the destination of many projects. apartment. The reason is that, in addition to the role of owning the neighboring satellite towns including Thuan An and Di An, the province will also receive the market shift effect and significant population expansion from Ho Chi Minh City when the housing demand increases. , the land fund is exhausted.

The level of real estate interest in the southern provinces, excluding Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Batdongsan.com.vn.

The level of real estate interest in the southern provinces, excluding Ho Chi Minh City

After more than 20 years since the first industrial park was established in 1995, Binh Duong now has 48 industrial parks and industrial clusters with a total area of ​​more than 10,000 hectares, accounting for a quarter of the industrial park area in the whole South. . Binh Duong is also one of the leading localities in the country in industrial production, according to the provincial Department of Industry and Trade.

According to incomplete statistics, the whole province has more than one million employees, including about 50,000 foreign experts and engineers working here. Demand for on-site housing is therefore quite high, with a population of about 2.4 million. Binh Duong is also the province with the highest positive net migration rate in the country, with more than 489,000 people immigrating, but only about 38,000 people leaving the province.

A corner of VSIP industrial park in Thuan An, Binh Duong.  Photo: VSIP.

A corner of VSIP industrial park in Thuan An, Binh Duong. Photo: VSIP.

With a large population near industrial zones, Binh Duong’s real estate market has been active in both supply and price in recent times. At the end of last year, JLL said, the supply of apartments in this industrial province reached more than 24,000 units, 5.3 times higher than that of townhouses, although the land fund for low-rise housing here is very large. With the existing supply, Binh Duong is only behind Ho Chi Minh City in terms of high-rise housing and surpasses the provinces of Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, and Long An.

The level of search for real estate near the industrial zone is also quite high. According to batdongsan.com.vn, in the second quarter of 2020, the number of industrial real estate searches across the country increased by nearly 32% compared to the first three months of the year, of which Binh Duong has Nam Tan Uyen industrial park (Tan Uyen district). and Dong An industrial park (Thuan An city) 132% and 173% respectively. Thanks to the wave of industrial zones, the number of visitors interested in the housing market in these two areas also increased by 88%.

That is also the reason that the high-rise projects in Binh Duong are mostly located in Di An, Thuan An, Thu Dau Mot. In which, the attraction of Thuan An and Di An comes from the upgrade route from town to city, which are also convenient connections to Ho Chi Minh City. The average price of apartments on the primary market of Binh Duong is VND 28-30 million per m2 and tends to increase.

Associated with the Binh Duong market for many years, a representative of real estate developer Lyn Property said that most of the projects in the three areas above have a fast delivery rate, with a success rate of 80-100. %.

“Thuan An holds the ‘throne’ in terms of attractiveness in the eyes of investors. According to the survey, the number of real estate searches in Thuan An is twice that of Di An and nearly three times that of Thu Dau Mot,” the representative said.

Lyn Property itself is urgently completing the final steps to introduce the Anderson Park project this year, in order to anticipate the huge housing demand in Thuan An area.

In phase 1, the project is deployed with a scale of 4 buildings with 33-38 floors, providing the market with a variety of products, including 62 shophouses, 2,470 apartments and 672 officetels (multi-purpose offices). ).

Anderson Park is “tailored” for foreign experts and senior engineers with a synchronous utility system. For example, the system of two basements for parking in each building, landscape lakes along the project entrance, green walkways, parks, swimming pools, waterfalls, outdoor sports centers.

Perspective of Binh Duong real estate project.

Perspective of Binh Duong real estate project.

Talking about the factors driving the Thuan An real estate market, a representative of Lyn Property said that the first one still comes from a huge demand for housing from a group of senior workers in the area. In addition to the current population of more than 508,000 people, Thuan An city also has hundreds of thousands of employees working in three large industrial parks, namely Vietnam – Singapore (VSIP 1), Viet Huong, Dong An… and 3 concentrated industrial clusters.

This new city also has the special advantage of being located adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City and has formed a complete system of utility services. There are 5 supermarkets and 4 commercial centers here, of which two large-scale commercial centers are Aeon Mall and Lotte, as well as large universities and hospitals… This is an important facility to attract groups. residents are foreign experts and domestic high-tech workers.

A representative of Lyn Property said that the team of engineers and experts are having increasingly strict requirements for living space. They have the need to live in a closed area, ensure 24/24 security, integrate enough utilities, but the living space must be open and spacious with many green areas, ensuring the health of the whole family.

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